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Capital Structure

Like a fingerprint, each and every business is unique, with its own diverse assets and liabilities; therefore, each requires its own, specialized capital structure.

Capital structure refers to the way by which a business finances its operation and growth. This is accomplished through a carefully weighed combination of equity, debt, or hybrid securities. The determination of the optimal capital structure for your business can prove to be a complex undertaking, and one that is absolutely of critical importance. It is an aspect of your business that is carefully monitored by both your creditors and stakeholders; thus, it is one that you should entrust solely to highly experienced financial professionals.

At TWC Finance, we understand fully how essential it is for your business to have a well-defined capital structure that is specifically tailored to its own nature and that will not only help maximize its value and the market value of the common stock, but also minimize the weighted average cost of capital.

Let TWC Finance help you to create a capital structure specifically designed for your business that considers its current status as well as its future goals.